DOCTOR CELLO L. FRANKENOLLIE (jellybrains) wrote in byupeople,

Transfer Questions

Hello! I'm a student at Portland Community College in Oregon, hoping to transfer to BYU for their animation program next fall.

...except I've encountered a problem of sorts. I went on to Route Y's 'Transfer Equvalencies' page and found out that very few of the classes at PCC seem to be transferable. In fact, I may be unable to transfer *any* of my credits I earn here. I freaked out and told my mother this, but she told me that I should be okay anyways and I'll just have to take a few extra classes to make up for my freshman year. To me, though, this seems highly suspect to not being able to happen. So my main question is, is it at all possible to transfer into BYU as a sophomore if none of my credits are actually transferable?

Also, I have heard from different people that it's easier to get into BYU as a transfer student than as a freshman, but I've found a statistic somewhere saying that the transfer acceptance rate is about 48%. Is that about right, or is that completely unfounded?

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