Rar (fadeawaybabe) wrote in byupeople,

Hi everyone!

First off I am not going to BYU. I plan on it maybe down in the future or going somewhere close by, but right now it's a no go.

Why I joined this community?

I want to move near the campus. I am having a hard time finding people to help me find a place there. I am not a student, and want to move from Florida as soon as possible. I plan on attending church and being surrounded by people that share the same morals and values and my goal is to get married someday in the temple. I was recommended to move to Provo and honestly I think it might be the best decision for me to make in my life right now.

So does anyone know of places that are close to campus that will accept non-students. Is there anyone that can guide me on what to do here? I am kinda lost and calling random wards seems kinda crazy.

Just comment on here.
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